Licensed Conveyancers vs Lawyer Conveyancers – The Difference

Licensed Conveyancers vs Lawyer Conveyancers - The Difference

If you plan to buy or sell a property, you will need the professional help of a conveyancer—especially if you want to experience smooth and problem-free transactions. Conveyancers are the people who manage all the necessary document transfers to ensure that the property becomes rightfully and legally yours. Part of their work involves ensuring that all the documents are appropriately fulfilled in accordance with your respective jurisdictions.

However, some people get confused because there are two types of conveyancers: the lawyer conveyancer and the licensed conveyancer. This article will tell you what you should know about the two and who you should work with.

Licensed VS Lawyer: The Differences

The main difference between the two is their profession. Licensed conveyancers are not lawyers, but they earned the license to perform legal real estate transactions as defined in the Conveyancers Act of 2006 through a diploma and practice. However, their service is limited to handling transactions. Should you need more than that, they have to refer you to a lawyer conveyancer. 

On the other hand, lawyer conveyancers could offer more services, such as giving out legal advice whenever necessary. Should you have problems with your real estate agent, they can help you with legal concerns.

How to Know What Service You Need

You would know which option is best for you by determining what kind of services you need and your budget. 

Licensed conveyancers typically offer set rates for their services. They do not include legal fees. In some cases, the property transaction can become too litigious that you would need a property law expert to assist in your case. Licensed conveyancers are much more affordable, but real estate transactions are unpredictable; people can only hope that theirs does not lead to legal issues. 

Lawyer conveyancers usually charge hourly rates, which may vary from firm to firm. It depends on the kind of service they provide so that it could be a bit more expensive than the service fee of a licensed conveyancer. After all, lawyer conveyancers offer a more comprehensive range of services than licensed conveyancers. If you want to go the safest route, hiring a lawyer conveyancer would be your best option. 

Other benefits you might appreciate include:

  1. They have a broad scope of knowledge about property law.
  2. They can identify any unacceptable term and risk related to your property purchase and give you the necessary advice you need.
  3. They can offer limitless legal service related to conveyancing, depending on what you need. That includes giving legal advice, taking legal action, and representing you in court when required. 


Ultimately, you know what you need. Real estate transactions can be unpredictable. Some transactions can be smooth and hassle-free, while others turn complicated. Consider the area and the type of property you are getting to see whether you should spend the extra pound. In most cases, however, it is better to be safe than sorry. 
If you need the service of conveyancing lawyers in Redland Bay, you are on the right page. Bickell and Mackenzie has highly experienced conveyancing managers to look after all your conveyancing needs. We strive to minimise stress and problems to our clients through our professionalism, accessibility, and communication. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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