Moving into a new home can be daunting whether it’s your first or third house. The conveyancing process can be tedious, intricate and require the precession of an experienced sollicitor. Our experienced Senior Conveyancing Managers Nicole Ellis and Nicole Cameron have extensive experience for you to utilise when purchasing your next property. We strive to make the process efficient and painless for every client to ensure your satisfaction with your property and overall experience.

We understand that not every home purchase is the same with some clients potentially requiring more involvement than others. Our priority is ensuring you get the right service you need for your property. No hidden or secret fees, our team is transparent and upfront in their dealings with all parties. We prioritise open communication and rapport with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth and efficient conveyancing experience.

Our team of Brisbane lawyers will ensure all due diligence checks and documentation are handled with expert precision. We care about our clients and their needs when managing their conveyancing experience to ensure you are informed through the entire process. The friendly team at Bickell and Mackenzie will do their best to ensure you are informed and present with all milestones of purchasing a house. Rest assured our team will do everything possible to ensure all T’s are crossed, all I’s dotted and all parties informed to take the stress away from the experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Conveyancing Cost?

Conveyancing fees in Queensland can vary depending on the local council you are making the applications for, to view our full list of fees please refer to

Can I do Conveyancing on my own?

Conveyancing is the term for transferring ownership of property from a seller to a buyer. Solicitors and real estate agents can assist you with your conveyance. You have the choice of doing the conveyance yourself, but you do so at your own risk. Utilising a Legal Professional will mitigate any risk and ensure the transfer of ownership is completed successfully. 

Are Conveyancers Cheaper Than Solicitors?

Solicitors are usually more expensive than conveyancers and are qualified lawyers, so they can offer a full range of legal services. Licenced conveyancers are specialised in property but can’t deal with complex legal issues. This can pose significant problems when the transfer of a property is occurring, if a conveyancer needs to seek assistance from a legal professional it’s normally on costed to you. 

Who Pays the Conveyancing Fees - They Buyer or Seller?

You’ll pay some costs whether you’re buying, selling, or doing both at the same time. For instance both sides have to pay for a conveyancer, and whether you’re moving in or out, you’ll have to pay for removals unless you really do live out of a suitcase. But other costs are only paid by one side.

What should I ask my conveyancer?
  • How much will you charge? …
  • Who will handle my case? …
  • How often will I hear from you? …
  • Have you dealt with many cases like mine? …
  • What costs will I have to pay if the purchase falls through? …
  • When do I need to pay conveyancing fees?
How Long does Conveyancing take?

On average Conveyancing takes around 12 weeks, but this can be much shorter, with some transactions completing in as little as 4 weeks. On the other hand, it could also take much longer, being delayed by matters outside of your control.

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