How much does conveyancing cost in Redland City Council?

If you are buying or selling property, you will need to engage a conveyancer or solicitor to handle the legal aspects of the transaction.

The costs of conveyancing will depend on the type of property, but you should be prepared for standard conveyancing fees to cover conducting searches and preparing settlement statements; liaising with banks, agents and other solicitors; and handling the transfer of ownership.

Property searches ensure you make an informed decision, mitigate risk, and ensure a smooth buying process. If you skip property searches, you could unknowingly buy a property with legal issues, contamination problems, or other unforeseen burdens.

In the Redland City Council local government area, there are several costs associated with property searches, which will be conducted by your conveyancer or solicitor.

They include:

Combined rates, water, building and plumbing search $415.87

Council recommends this search when purchasing a new property with an existing house and will include details of ownership, location, rates, and water levies, as well as a building and plumbing report.

Domestic building and plumbing search $254

This can include dwellings, carports, patios, garages and swimming pools, providing details of any approvals, dates of inspections, and any outstanding compliance issues.

Vacant land search $74

This search provides a copy of the Council sewer main connection details. This is applicable to sewered properties only.

Approved Domestic Building Plans and As Constructed Package $345

This includes a copy of the decision notice and plans for all building approvals on the property. A copy of the ‘as constructed’ house drainage plan will also be provided.

Copy of approved house drainage plan $60

This search provides ‘as constructed’ house drainage details and/or copies of approved plumbing plans.

Limited Planning certificate search $359 or $568 (urgent)

This search provides written notification on:

  • planning scheme provisions, including zoning and overlays
  • state planning instruments
  • temporary local planning instruments
  • variation approvals
  • state or local designations
  • information recorded in the infrastructure charges register

This type of search does not include information about development approvals relating to the property.

Standard Planning certificate search $967

This search provides written notification on:

  • all information included in a limited planning certificate
  • details on development approvals (including planning and building approvals) that are in effect and that have not lapsed
  • every decision notice or negotiated decision notice, where available
  • approved plans and associated documents/reports, where available
  • any changes to a development approval
  • any approvals to extend the currency period
  • every deemed approval notice that has not lapsed
  • every continuing approval mentioned in Section 6.1.23(1)(a) to (d) of the repealed Integrated Planning Act
  • any decisions to amend a planning scheme under the repealed Local Government (Planning and Environment) Act 1990, section 4.3
  • compliance certificates given under the Sustainable Planning Act
  • any exemption certificates
  • any judgment or order of the Planning and Environment Court or a tribunal
  • any agreement that Council or a referral agency is a party to about a development condition
  • infrastructure agreements
  • proposed planning scheme amendments
  • details of any current master plan

Full Planning certificate search $2,513 (vacant) or $6,539 (built) (may take up to 30 business days)

This search provides written notification on:

  • all information included in a limited and standard planning certificate
  • a statement about the fulfilment or non-fulfilment of each condition
  • if an infrastructure agreement applies to the premises, the nature and extent of any obligations that have not been fulfilled, and details of any security required and whether payment under the security has been made
  • details of any prosecution or proceedings for a prosecution for a development offence

A Full Planning Certificate will also include Council physically inspecting the property.

Not all these searches will be necessary for your property purchase. But it’s something your solicitor or conveyancer will discuss with you during the negotiation process.

The experts here at Bickell & Mackenzie can help you with every aspect of buying and selling property.

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