5 Questions You Should Ask a Conveyancer Before Hiring Them

5 Questions You Should Ask a Conveyancer Before Hiring Them

Matters regarding a property are always complex, especially if you’ve never experienced it before. Whether you’re buying, selling, or transferring the rights to another party, the process can be overwhelming because there are so many steps to follow and laws to observe. For most people, these processes are beyond their understanding that to ensure that everything goes right, they usually Google “conveyancer near me” and contact the best professional they can find who can help them. 

If you are in need of one as well, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind, from what you should look for to how much their services will cost you. To help you get the best deal possible, here are five questions you need to ask your conveyancer before hiring their service:

1. How Much Are You Going to Charge?

Never be ashamed to ask about the fees from the get-go. It’s actually a good idea to get quotes from several conveyancers before you decide on one. Of course, it’s not just the cost that you should consider, but it’s definitely a significant factor. Note that the total cost includes third-party expenses, including stamp duty, local authority searches, and more. Because of this, make sure you clarify with the conveyancer if the quote they’re giving you already includes such costs. 

2. Who Will Actually Handle the Case?

It may be a seasoned conveyancer or a junior member of the team who handles the case, but you won’t have anything to worry about as long as they’re from a reputable firm. That said, it’s good to know who it is exactly is working on your case just so that you know who to contact if some issues arise or simply to build a relationship with them. Of course, it would be better to get someone more experienced. Nevertheless, there are advantages to working with newer ones because they tend to pay extra attention to their cases as they’re still mastering the processes. 

3. How Often Will You Contact Me?

It can be frustrating for a buyer or a seller not to hear from the conveyancer when they are in the middle of a property-buying process. You’d want to know where you’re standing and that the process is going as planned. In fact, not getting updates from the conveyancer from time to time can be frustrating, even scary for some people. As such, make sure that when choosing a conveyancer that you get the assurance to receive regular updates. 

4. What Will I Have to Pay in Case the Sale Falls Through?

Another important point to know before agreeing with a conveyancer is whether or not you’ll have to pay a fee if the sale falls through. There are firms that claim to offer a “no move, no fee” policy, but that might not include third-party expenses. You want to make sure that you understand what such policies really mean, and if you are to pay for something, you should have an idea how much that will be. 

5. How Do You Handle Disputes?

Disputes are often difficult to talk about, but the firm should be able to talk about their procedure that would reassure you that their customer service is excellent. If the conveyancer couldn’t answer this question in detail, you might want to consider looking for someone else. As it is with everything you do, you should hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. You want to know that you can raise issues if you see any.


Hiring professional solicitors with expertise in conveyancing can help you navigate the tricky process of buying or selling a house. But you shouldn’t just hire the first firm that you find online. Because of this, you need to do your homework and find out as much as you can about the firm, and of course, ask them the questions discussed in this article. Their answers should help you decide whether or not they’re the right fit for you!

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