3 Qualities You Should Look for When Choosing a Good Conveyancer

When it comes to purchasing property, locking in the sale is only half the battle. The final step to getting the keys to your real estate dream is to transfer the legal title from the seller to your name, which is a complicated process known as conveyancing. 

Conveyancing is the last stretch that is also the most nerve-wracking — particularly since it involves managing paperwork, signing contracts, and paying final closing fees. It’s a legal procedure that can put you on the wrong side of the law if you make mistakes, but hiring a conveyancing solicitor can help you navigate the complexities of property law. 

If you’re looking for a conveyancer in Redland City, it’s best to know what to look for so you can guarantee quality service and results. With that in mind, here are some characteristics worth noting in your search: 

Quality #1: Expertise in Property Law

A conveyancer should serve as your guide when sealing the deal on your recently purchased property. Seeing as they will be handling all the legal and administrative work when it comes to transferring the land title, it goes without saying that you need to work with a conveyancer who has extensive knowledge in property law. 

Beyond leading the transaction, the right conveyancer should know the nuanced rules and regulations for various states in Australia, such as within the Redlands area. 

Quality #2: Specialised Knowledge in Conveyancing 

Not all conveyancers are lawyers, so aside from expertise in property law, it’s best to hire those in actual practice since conveyancing deals with a large scope. Working with a legitimate conveyancer should simplify your experience since they already have experience with your case, which means they are better equipped to guide you through the process with little-to-no hitches. 

The real estate lawyers at Bickell & Mackenzie, for instance, are well-versed in searching for the certificate of the title, performing government research, providing relevant advice, preparing legal documents, calculating rates and tax, finalising statement settlements, working with mortgage providers, and more. 

Quality #3: Easy to Understand 

Conveyancing is complicated enough as it is, so you don’t need a conveyancer who will muddle your understanding further by talking in jargon. You need to be well-informed and on the loop every step of the way, so it’s up to the conveyancer to clear your confusion and explain things to you in layman’s terms as much as possible.

Beyond knowing how to simplify technical concepts, it’s crucial to work with a conveyancer who will actively communicate with you. While social distancing makes it harder to meet, the best conveyancers can continue the conversation using different mediums — through call, text, email, or Zoom. 

The Bottom Line: Qualities That Define a Reliable Conveyancer 

Conveyancing is a complex, legal process that will make or mar your real estate purchase, making it one of the most important stages of buying or selling a property. The right conveyancer can cut through the noise and make the process easy to comprehend, so consider the list above to pinpoint you to the right one. 

How Can Bickell & Mackenzie Help in Your Conveyancing Needs? 

Are you looking for reliable conveyancing in Red Lands, Australia? Bickell & Mackenzie is one of the best family-owned law firms in town, so give us a call! With the help of our conveyancing solicitors, moving into your property has never been easier!

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