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Instructions for preparation of Enduring Power of Attorney – Please Read

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF AN ENDURING POWER OF ATTORNEY (“EPOA”) What is enduring power of attorney? Power of attorney is the legal power to make decisions on someone else’s behalf. “Enduring” simply means that the power continues even if the person giving it loses the capacity to make decisions. Why give someone enduring power of attorney? There are some circumstances in which you may be unable to make decisions about matters that concern you. For example, you may be overseas, or you may be too ill. If you give someone a general power of attorney, for instance to sign documents for you in your absence, that power will come to an immediate end if for some reason you lose your capacity to make decisions. This could be very awkward if your attorney is in the process of conducting business affairs for you. Giving someone enduring power means that he/she is able to continue to act for you if you lose capacity to act for yourself.
Note: it is a good idea to pick one attorney who is younger than you. What types of decisions? You may give your attorney power to make decisions about:
# personal/health matters;
# financial matters.
Examples of personal/health matters are decisions about where and with whom you live, whether you work or undertake education or training, whether you apply for a licence or permit, day-to-day issues like diet and dress, and whether to consent, refuse to consent or withdraw consent to particular types of health care for you (such as an operation). An example of a financial matter is deciding how your income should be invested. If you do not have an EPOA and had lost capacity to make decisions about your financial / health matters then the Public Trustee may step in to manage your affairs or your family may have to apply to the Qld Civil & Administrative Tribunal to become appointed as your EPOA. To avoid this process, we recommend you have an EPO in place.

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