The Most Common Myths about Living in a Retirement Community

The Most Common Myths about Living in a Retirement Community

If you are of retirement age and considering living in a retirement community, then you are in luck. In this article, we will bust the biggest myths and tell you the truth about what it is really like living in a retirement community.

Myth #1: It’s the Same as Aged Care

Sure, some retirement communities do offer aged care services or co-exist with companies that offer them. However, these two are not interchangeable terms and are completely different from one another.

A retirement community is a place for the active elderly to live in with only having a low-maintenance type of living. For example, the elderly who do not want to live in bigger homes, yet still want to maintain regular physical and social activities may choose to live in a retirement community. They will then be living in smaller units with all their needs met, and have the opportunity to socialise with other residents.

Meanwhile, aged care is for the elderly who can no longer care for themselves and will need assistance. This is usually where caregivers and nurses assist the elderly because of their health concerns. While they may also have the same facilities and activities offered by retirement communities, the main distinction is the 24-hour personal care provided by aged care.

Myth #2: Retirement Communities Are Expensive

While the pricing and costs still boil down to what retirement community you choose, they are not as expensive as you think. For most elderly, retirement communities could cost less than maintaining a big house where they have to pay for bills, utilities and overall maintenance like gardening and cleaning.

Meanwhile, retirement communities, they will only pay for the fees while living there and their needs and the communities should be able to handle everything for them. They do not have to worry about the nitty-gritty details and just pay off everything all at once. However, it is still best to analyse everything to overall whether or not the retirement community is best for you financially.

Myth #3: There Are Heavy Restrictions

Some people think that living in a retirement community means that you lose your freedom. They think these facilities are strict and that you have to follow some curfews and heavy rules. However, the truth is these retirement communities are not strict on rules and encourage you to enjoy your freedom. While there are some rules to follow, they don’t get in the way of your freedom, and one is free to go out and return as they please, given that they inform the establishment just to ensure their safety.

Myth #4: You Can’t Have Visitors

There are those who see this visual of retirement communities as prisons where one can only have limited visitors at certain times. The truth is, retirement communities are still just like your home, and you get to have visitors come over as much as you please and even spend some nights with you.

Given that there are still some rules that you will need to follow, your visitors are also free to use the same facilities you do in the community. Make sure, however, to talk with the retirement community to let them know about the many visitors you are having and learn of their rules and regulations about it.


Living in retirement communities does not carry the same premise as most people see. This type of community was designed to help the retired live a fun yet low-maintenance life. If you are currently saving up for your golden years, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to have all the fun you want while the costs stay low and the quality of living is still high.

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