There are many benefits to having a Will. It provides peace of mind. Often Wills are straightforward due to the nature of one’s family circumstances. However, you are able to decide exactly who should benefit from your estate and to what extent. If you do not have a Will then appropriate legislation will be applied and your estate will be distributed accordingly.

We take a caring approach to assisting grieving relatives after the passing of a loved one. We appreciate that this can be a very emotional time for the family and friends of the deceased.

Our role is to assist the executor to the deceased’s estate to realise the estate assets and to distribute the assets to the beneficiaries in terms of the Will. Some assets can be transferred simply by exhibition of the death certificate. However, other assets will not be released to the executor until Probate to the estate has been obtained from the Supreme Court in Brisbane. We can prepare all necessary documentation to allow Probate to be obtained. Thereafter the Estate can be realised and distributed to beneficiaries. We act in tandem with the executors of the estate to make the processes as comfortable as possible.



Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to challenge or contest a Will or Estate as you may feel that you have been unfairly provided for. This can be a very complex area of law and by using the experience of Bickell & Mackenzie we can work with you to bring about an acceptable outcome”


Please note that marriage revokes a Will unless the Will expressly states that it was made in contemplation of marriage to your spouse.

Divorce invalidates any bequests to your former spouse


There can be many potential problems in relation to a Will including potential tax liability imposed on a proposed beneficiary and so you are well advised to take full legal advice before executing a Will.

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