An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to appoint an attorney to look after your financial and medical affairs in the event that you become unable to do so. Understandably, execution of this document is required when a person is still of ‘sound mind’.

If one loses capacity without having an Enduring Power of Attorney then nobody, not even a person’s spouse, has the automatic right to manage the spouse’s affairs.

It is possible that the Public Trustee may ultimately take on the responsibility, which is unlikely to be the desire of the person who has lost capacity. To maintain control of your destiny we strongly recommend that you effect an Enduring Power of Attorney at earliest convenience.

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Trust options for children with disabilities

Trust options for children with disabilities

Trust options for children with disabilities Estate planning for families with disabled children comes with an added layer of worry and forethought. If you have a child with high support needs, you can draw up what is known as a “care plan” which will include...

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